Extra Sweet Strawberry

Garden Box Strawberry

Extra Sweet Strawberry

  • Article number 1807744
  • Germination time ca. 35 days
  • Crop height ca. 25 cm
  • Place Sun
  • Sowing schedule Extra Sweet Strawberry
  • Packaging format 120mm x 110mm x 100mm (500gram)
  • Fragaria Korona

    This Garden box contains specially cultivated soil and a sachet of Baza seeds. Together they form a beautiful ready-made mini garden. Step 1 Cut out the top of the soil bag and sow 4-5 seeds a few millimeters deep in the soil. Step 2 Moisten the soil and cover it the first couple of days with transparent kitchen foil until the seeds germinate. Step 3 Place your Fresh-Farm in a bright warm place, although not in full sunlight (ideal temperature > 20 ° C). Keep the soil moderately moist! The special cultivated soil contains a slowly releasing BIO-nurture. During the growth add nutrition as needed.

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