Grass Gourmet


Grass Gourmet

  • Article number 18050540
  • Germination time ca. 7 days
  • Crop height ca. 10 cm
  • Place Partial shade
  • Sowing schedule Grass Gourmet
  • Packaging format 120mm x 170mm x 45mm (190gram)
  • Fresh, home grown grass for your rabbit. Grass Gourmet: Rabbits need grass. Fresh grass provides them with fibers, vitamins and essential nutrients. If they are not given it, they can start eating (unhealthy) houseplants. In this tray you can grow fresh grass year-round that keeps your rabbit healthy and vital.

    Sowing instructions:
    This package contains 3 seed sachets and 3 soil swelling tablets. Put 1 tablet in the bowl and add 175ml of water. Then spread the soil over the bowl. Scatter the seeds over the soil and gently press them in. For rapid growth, cover the bowl with clear kitchen foil for a few days . Fresh grass will grow within a few days. Keep slightly moist. After +/- 6-8 days the grass (10 cm) is ready.

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