Baza Pop-up


  • Article number 18047250
  • Germination time ca. 14 days
  • Crop height ca. 40 cm
  • Place Sun
  • Sowing schedule Tomatoes
  • Packaging format 175mm x 95mm x 40mm (55gram)
  • Solanum Lycopersicon

    This Pop-up garden contains special germination soil and a bag of seeds. It forms a ready-to-grow mini garden.

    Step 1 Sow 4 to 5 seeds, a few millimeters deep in this grow bag.

    Step 2 Spray the soil with a plant sprayer and cover with transparent kitchen foil for 2 days.

    Step 3 Give a light and warm spot (about 20 º C).

    Step 4 When the sprouts are 8-10 cm, they can be planted to larger pots. Tip: a larger pot produces a larger plant! Nice to grow on the windowsill!

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