Garden box

This Baza-Gardenbox contains everything the home grower needs: special breeding soil with organic nutrients, a bag of A-quality Baza organic seeds and a robust cultivation box.

The ready-to-use grow kit is suitable for growing indoors or outdoors on a balcony and terrace. The collection contains various easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs. After opening the packaging, the soil bag must be cut open at the top. The seeds can then be sown in the top layer of the soil. Then you give water and nature does the rest! Very nice to give as a gift, and even more fun to receive 🙂

PS. The Gardenbox is FSC® certified by our carpentry factory in Lithuania! The wood comes from a so-called production forest, where a new one is planted for every felled tree. During growth, the trees absorb CO2 and convert it into oxygen. A certified sustainable production method.