Bee flowers

bloemen explosie

Bee flowers

  • Article number 7033140
  • Germination time ca. 14 days
  • Crop height ca. 50 cm
  • Place Partial shade
  • Sowing schedule Bee flowers
  • Packaging format 240mm x 140mm (65gram)
  • This seed mixture quickly creates a flower carpet in your garden. The special selection of nectar-rich flowers is a real treat for bees. Flowers and bees are friends, Bees visit flowers to drink sweet nectar from the flower bottom. The bee also serves the flower as the pollen that the bee brings to fertilize it. The task is done. The petals fall off, but the fruit grows. With this packaging you can easily sow a beautiful flower meadow.

    This package contains a mixture of 26 different types of seeds, including malva, lemon balm, phacelia, Coreopsis and many more beautiful plants. They alternate in bloom and bring you variation in scent and color over a longer period of time.

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