Flower Meadow for Butterflies

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Flower Meadow for Butterflies

  • Article number 7034120
  • Germination time ca. 14 days
  • Crop height ca. 50 cm
  • Place Half shade
  • Sowing schedule Flower Meadow for Butterflies
  • Packaging format 50mm x 140mm x 190mm (70gram)
  • This seed mixture quickly creates a flower carpet in your garden. The flower meadow of annual plants is very attractive to butterflies and improves the biodiversity in your garden. And it looks fantastic; not only this year but also next year, because the plants self-seed. Butterflies find nectar in many flowers, but caterpillars also find their food there.

    This package contains a mixture of 30 different types of seeds, including Papaver, Flax, Dill, Phlox, Verbena and many more beautiful crops. They alternate in bloom and bring you variation in scent and color over a longer period of time.

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