Tea Camomile and Mint

Seeds & balcony garden

Tea Camomile and Mint

  • Article number 18057315
  • Germination time ca. 21 days
  • Crop height ca. 30 cm
  • Place Sun
  • Sowing schedule Tea Camomile and Mint
  • Packaging format 190mm x 260mm x 120mm (1300gram)
  • This grow bag contains special grow soil and 2 bags of Baza seeds. The
    whole forms a ready-made mini-garden. The grow bag can stand on the floor
    or can be hung. When you hang it up, you must secure it firmly with ä rope,
    through the locking rings, to ensure that your balcony garden does not fall,


    Nice to grow yourself or to give as a present!

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