Bird-Buffet Picknick Great Tits and Blue Tits

bird-buffet picknick

Bird-Buffet Picknick Great Tits and Blue Tits

  • Article number 18038509
  • Packaging format 20 cm x 14,5 cm x 8 cm

    Great tits:

    Great tits are about 14 centimeters in size and weigh 17 grams. They look like sweet birds, but they are quite aggressive. They don’t like to share and defend their food against other birds. They also do not like to share their territory. They have found a handy trick to scare away competitors: they sing in different tones and from different places. For example, it seems as if there is a whole army of birds in your garden, while it is only one great tit.

    The “Picknick” bird feeder is handmade from sustainable FSC® wood and even the product label is from sustainably recycled PP5. The “Picknick” feeding house can be used standing up or hanging on the robust rope. The nice thing about the collection is that the different mixtures also attract different bird groups!

    Nice as a gift or gift set for the garden, balcony or terrace.


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