Balkon en terras in de herfst

In de herfst is het al snel afgelopen met de potgroenten en -kruiden. De krachten van warmteminnende zuidelijke planten nemen onder invloed van de kortere dagen en dalende temperaturen merkbaar af. Maar er valt altijd nog wat te oogsten!

For an awesome aftertaste

Tomatoes, basil and all those other Mediterranean delights only play a part on a sheltered patio as long as the temperatures are within the range where they feel good, between about 20 and 25 ºC. With shorter days and decreasing sun power, they begin to wither. But even then, a lot of fruits still ripen with the right treatment.

Goodbye, basil!

Basil is the first to notice: the plants you sown in June or July produced a rich Italian aroma (usually unhindered by aphids), but from August / September the herb does not take off as well. The leaves become blotchy, the stems turn brown – nothing can be done about that. Good for those who have frozen a few servings of ground basil in oil! Otherwise, it unfortunately means that you have to say goodbye to this herb until next spring.

Provaluation at home is possible

The open air season for tomatoes, aubergines and peppers will continue until October at the latest. It is not the case that everything that remains on the plants ripens automatically, but with the right treatment you can still achieve a lot!

Source Book: Starting a vegetable garden – Silke Kluth