Bio Mini Sunflower

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Bio Mini Sunflower

  • Article number 18017109
  • Germination time ca. 6 days
  • Crop height ca. 35 cm
  • Place Sun
  • Sowing schedule Bio Mini Sunflower
  • Packaging format 125mm x 235mm x 50mm (300gram)
  • Sow-instruction. This growing bag contains special potting soil and a sachet of Baza
    seeds. A nice and complete minigarden.

    Step 1 Take the pouch filled with potting soil and empty
    it into the growing bag.

    Step 2 Scatter 4 or 5 seeds a few milimeters in the toplayer of the soil.

    Step 3 Moisten the potting soil preferably with a plant spray then cover the growing bag with
    some transparant clingfilm till germination.

    Step 4 Place the bag in a bright and warm
    environment. The optimal germination temperature is + 20°C. Keep the soil evenly moist (not
    wet). You can plant the remaining seeds or store them (dry) till next year. The special potting soil,
    that is used in this product, will nurture the plants up to 100 days after the first watering.
    Afterwards you can add plant food to the water, if required.

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